The moment yes are Emma Skyllbäck and Raoul Nagel who have met through their work at the Theater St.Gallen in Switzerland.


Emma came to Switzerland as a professional contemporary dancer with the Marco Santi dance company, after studying and working in Varberg, Sweden (her home country), New York and Munich. Her work as a dancer gave Emma many opportunities to explore also her singing voice and her guitar playing and so she started to perform as part of the band Esteemates. Emma is part of the international dance collective Rotes Velo, where she keeps on developing her skills as a performer and explores new dimensions of dance with her fellow dancers from several countries.


Austrian/Italian born Raoul grew up in St.Gallen where he now works in the cultural scene for many years. He was lead singer of the band k-tharsis, sings in jazz bands occasionally, worked as a radio host, produces and performs as loop artist and DJ under the name lunao and created several music scores for indie film and theater productions such as Shakespeare's Othello or Fliehendes Pferd (Martin Walser). He was co-founder and musical director of the infamous late night lok that was a local success, combining the classic late night show TV format and live theater.


In the late summer of 2014, we finally found time to team up and start our new project that soon turned out to be a band. We formed the pop duo the moment yes. Rehearsing, sketching, practicing on our music every week, dreaming up scenarios and stories to tell. The declared goal is to release a music video every two months. (Emma is sure we manage to do it every month and right now we do have that pace!;)


  we write, produce, mix everything on our own, shoot the videos on our own with the support of famliy and friends and we depend on your support by sharing, liking, commenting and criticizing our stuff, so we can improve and keep releasing audio and video for you and the world!


so if you like what you see and hear so far: Hit that like button! Subscribe to our youtube channel! And don't be afraid to interact!


Feel free to contact us if you feel like working with us. Got an idea for a video? Wanna team up and ceate a song together? We are open for creativity and creating!




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